Dr. Nicholas Van Helden [1] [2] is the grandson of the famed vampire hunter Van Helsing and attempted to follow in the family business by eliminating Count Vostok. [3]


Dr. Van Helden attempted to eradicate all of the last Vampires and win the old family feud once and for all. He traveled to Boldavia and used his hi-tech van's holographic projector to generate Bat-creatures to terrorize the Boldavians and turn them against Vostok. When the Ghostbusters, whom Van Helden believed Vostok was hypnotizing, drove the people away, Van Helden scaled Count Vostok's Castle and attempted to stake Vostok while he slept. The guys anticipated this and disarmed Van Helden. Van Helden then pulled out a gun loaded with silver bullets but Slimer slimed him.

Van Helden retreated and attempted to flee the property. However, the Ghostbusters borrowed Count Vostok's Car and chased after him. Van Helden generated several Bat-Creatures and caused a rockslide to deter them but he failed to see a fallen tree until it was too late. He crashed and the van fell down below. When the Ghostbusters arrived, Van Helden surrendered to them.


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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