Dr. Sallah Achmed [1] is an Egyptian archaeologist and worshiper of Mohrus.


Dr. Achmed uncovered the tomb of Mohrus and planned to raise his master's soul with a human sacrifice, Egon Spengler. A few months later, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore showed up instead. Achmed was not impressed and led the two down a hallway, pointing out hieroglyphs in the walls of the serdab. He noted how supplications to Mohrus were not the same as commonly used in pre-dynastic mausoleums. He (and Winston) were surprised when Peter pointed out the unique bi-linear etching of the glyph representing Mohrus and the Thulking straps. Peter and Winston walked right into Achmed's trap and were hoisted up nine feet in a net. They were chained to a stone pillar.

Dr. Achmed donned ceremonial robes and ranted and raved at them. After about a half-hour, Achmed opened the lid on Mohrus' sarcophagus. Peter managed to free himself and Winston. They proceeded to unwind Mohrus' bandages and destroyed him. Achmed was in shock. Peter and Winston tied him up and led him out of the tomb.


Marvel Comics Ltd- The Real Ghostbusters Series


  1. Paragraph One (1989). Marvel Comics Ltd- The Real Ghostbusters Series- "The Real Ghostbusters 64" (1989) (Comic p.11). Paragraph One reads: ""I was expecting Doctor Egon Spengler," announced Doctor Sallah Achmed pontedly, his voice echoing around the vast and ancient entranceway of the Egyptian pyramid."

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