Dr. Strangedog [1] is a dog and mad scientist intent on turning dogkind into the rulers of Earth.


Dr. Strangedog planned to fire his Pet-O-Matic Ray on New York City. It would turn dogs into owners and humans into pets. Once the three minute countdown was turned on, Strangedog left Bruiser to guard the device. Bruiser was outsmarted by Slimer. As Bruiser was carried off on a giant bone, Strangedog was dragged along for the ride. Slimer then destroyed the ray and Dr. Strangedog's Mansion. He was last seen falling toward the city with Bruiser.




  1. Dr. Strangedog (2009). Slimer!- "Dr. Strangedog" (1988) (DVD ts. 21:45-21:47). Time Life Entertainment.

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