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Dr. Vincent Bassingame

Phony, Con Artist

Dr. Vincent Bassingham
Appeared in The Real Ghostbusters;
"The Spirit of Aunt Lois"
"Cold Cash and Hot Water"

Dr. Vincent Bassingame is a fraudulent medium, that claimed to be able to talk with the spirits.


Dr. Bassingame was hired by Ray's Aunt Lois to talk to spirits, and destroyed a whole room of her house when he angered the Domoviye. The Ghostbusters convinced Bassingame to drop his charges or else they'd release the Domoviye in his home. One of the Domoviye escaped capture and hitched a ride on Bassingame without his knowledge.

Some time later, he partnered with Jim Venkman and built the Containment Fence to hold Hob Anagarak and keep it docile, which didn't work. He and Jim were "volunteered" to take part in casting a spell to bind Hob once again. Bassingame was crucial to the ritual since he was the "sorcerer" who released the demon with an ancient book of spells.


He shared the conman perspective and character of Jim Venkman (Peter Venkman`s father). Unlike Jim, Vincent could care less if his "services" caused any harm, and was only interested in getting money for what he was to do.



The Real Ghostbusters


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