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Dream Ghost

Haunting Fort Detmerring

Appeared in Ghostbusters
Played by Kym Herrin

The Dream Ghost (also known as the Fort Detmerring Ghost) is the ghost of a beautiful woman who's been dead for a hundred years. [1]


While the Ghostbusters had some downtime and slept in the Firehouse sleeping quarters, Ray dreamed about an encounter with the Dream Ghost.

Deleted SceneEdit

A couple weeks after getting the call from a park ranger stationed at Fort Detmerring, Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore arrived to investigate. The ghost was a problem for quite some time and was never talked about openly before the Ghostbusters was established. Ray and Winston split up to cover more ground. When Ray fell asleep in the Single Officers' Quarters dressed in period clothing, the Dream Ghost appeared to him and performed fellatio. [2]


  • In the 8/5/1983 script, Ray admits he's in love with the Dream Ghost, who's been dead for 150 years. [3]
  • Kym Herrin filmed her scenes at Entertainment Effects Group then the crew added optical effects and composited her into the Fort Deterring set. [4]



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