Dudley, Specs and Willis are a trio of Tri Kuppa Bro frat brothers at a local college in New York who cleared their names with the help of the Ghostbusters.


Dudley, Specs and Willis were framed by frat ghosts after Tri Kuppa Bro occupied a house they once lived in. Facing expulsion, Dudley, Specs, and Willis hired the Ghostbusters. They appealed to Peter, who was once a member of Tri Kuppa Bro. During the bust, the trio was taken by the ghosts' leader Elwin Spalding and tossed into the open mouth of a giant goldfish. The Ghostbusters freed them and appeared to agree they'd never eat fish sticks ever again. After the ghosts were captured, Dudley, Specs and Willis were cleared of all charges and accepted an apology from Dean Roy.


Each frat brother embodies the college stereotype - the jock, the nerd, and the preppy.



The Real Ghostbusters


Secondary CanonEdit

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