Dumazu the Destroyer is an ancient demonic god of death and destruction and the main villain in the video game Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Dumazu was buried 4000 years ago but his cult survived into the present era. He sought to resurrect himself using the Shard of the Relic of Nilhe.


Dumazu the Destroyer was an ancient pre-New World deity of near mythic destructive capabilities. He was worshiped by the Cult of Dumazu more out of fear than any true adulation. Likewise, Dumazu despised love and affection. However, Dumazu was more mortal than all-powerful god he was believed to be and in 2010 B.C., was buried. If the Relic of Nilhe were reformed, Dumazu could be revived.

Dumazu was all but forgotten in the modern age. His tomb lay deep below the surface of present day New York City. In 1954, Parkview Psychiatric Hospital was built over the ancient tomb [1]. Decades later, Dumazu spoke only to Ismael the Deceiver, the last of his cult and his vehicle. The Shards of the Relic of Nilhe were unwittingly gathered by the junior team of the Ghostbusters. At Parkview, Ismael took the Relic and chanted a spell. Dumazu possessed Ismael and drew the team into the another dimension. The team manages to defeat him and they return back to the physical plane.


Dumazu is the final boss in the game and second boss of Level 12: Temple of the Destroyer.

  • Attacks: Dumazu can swipe at the team with his claws or raise his fists and try to crush them. The fist slam also creates a limited shockwave. Later in the fight, he summons two glyphs that fire continuous lasers. He also later uses an attack that rains brimstone down on the team. Glyphs appear on the ground where brimstone will land. Both the lasers and brimstone move slowly enough to sidestep and dodge.


Having unlocked every level and defeating Dumazu will earn the "Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good" Achievement worth 10 points.


IDW ComicsEdit

Dumazu is mentioned to be a Class 7 on Samuel Hazer's Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card. [2]


  • According to writer of Sanctum of Slime, Tom Waltz: "Again, Dumazu already existed before I came into the picture, but after I did get the gig, I checked out any references to Dumazu and found the Sumerian version. My Dumazu is loosely based upon the research I did, but I also endeavored to create some new mythology as well. So, again, a bit of familiarity with an original twist... and a little paper umbrella to make the cocktail mix presentable!" [3]
  • Dumazu is partly based on the Proto-Sumerian king, Demuzid the Shepherd, of whom later kings claimed to be the reincarnation.

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