"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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Duophanes' Emanations are wishes granted by Duophanes but in a warped and twisted fashion.


Once he hears someone's wish, Duophanes can grant it using a release of power that he keeps in his briefcase. In most instances, the wisher and/or the object of its wish is transformed. The emanations are not ecto-based but actually real, making the Ghostbusters' equipment completely ineffective against them. [1] Duophanes can twist the wish only based on the exact wording of it. Once Duophanes grants enough wishes in an area, he will proceed to leave. If he manages to do so, then the effects of all the wishes he granted becomes permanent. Forcing Duophanes to reveal his true form causes the wishes to be undone and the victims returned to normal.


These wishes were classified as Class 6 Spectral Transmogrifications. [2]

Known ExamplesEdit

  • Conductor
    • Wish: Peace and Quiet
    • Result: Mouth taken away
  • Woman
    • Wish: To be young again
    • Result: Only body was de-aged to an infant's
  • Jeremy the Driver
    • Wish: To have another man's good looks
    • Results: The other man's head was attached to his neck
  • Bicyclist
    • Wish: To reconnect with his family
    • Result: Turned into a tree
  • Eduardo Rivera
    • Wish: For Kylie Griffin to treat him like she did her cat
    • Result: Trapped in the body of Pagan
  • Security Guard
    • Wish: To be rich
    • Result: Turned into money
  • Grandfather
    • Wish: Like it was in the old days
    • Result: Pet lizard turned into Tyrannosaurus Rex and bird into Pterodactyl
  • Boy
    • Wish: Unknown
    • Result: Giant rampaging toy robot


Extreme Ghostbusters


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