DyTillio [1] is a Quasimodo-looking person and close friend to Jeremy Whittington.


Years ago, DyTillio was saved by Jeremy from being run over by a car. When Jeremy and Cindy broke up, DyTillio stayed with Jeremy in order to help him cope with the loss over Cindy. Years later, he accompanied Jeremy to a shrine located in a mountainous region. Jeremy makes a pact with a Dark Entity that would help destroy the world. Although DyTillio knew Jeremy was wrong, he remained silent and played along.

DyTillio and Jeremy returned to New York and perched themselves atop the Karstick Building. DyTillio accidentally said something that he shouldn't, causing Jeremy to be angry with and grabbing him by the throat. He's later seen being confronted by both the Ghostbusters and Cindy. She does her best to reason with Jeremy but finds out he's beyond reasoning.

During the chaos a powerful wind almost knocks Cindy off the building. DyTillio saves her only to be knocked off himself. Hanging on for dear life. Jeremy rushes to his aid calling him a fool. DyTillio can't be silent any longer gives Jeremy a truthful speech that destroying the world will not help cure his loneliness and anger and that he wants nothing to do with him. In a change of heart Jeremy decided to stop Ragnarok from happening. DyTillio is pulled back up and remained with Cindy and Jeremy after the Ghostbusters defeated the Dark Entity.



The Real Ghostbusters


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