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East Hampton Public Cemetery [1] is a cemetery located in East Hampton, New York.


After the Ghostbusters and Janine Melnitz allowed Samuel Hain to cross over to the Netherworld, it was decided he would be given a proper burial. The funeral was paid for using the fee charged to Artie Lester. [2]


  • The gravestones in the second to last panel contain quotes from the first movie.
  • Luis Antonio Delgado's #15 Easter egg is located on the headstone to the left, nearest the building
  • Coincidentally, Annie Potts' middle name is Hampton.



  1. Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission (2012).IDW Comics- "Issue #5" (2012) (Comic p.23). File says: "Hain's body now rests in East Hampton Public Cemetery."
  2. Peter Venkman (2010).IDW Comics- "What in Samhain Just Happened?" (2010) (Comic p.22). Peter says: "Hey, we're letting you keep the remainder of Lester's fees after the funeral costs, so..."

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