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The Ecto-10 [1] was the vehicle that Rachel Unglighter used to pick up the Ghostbusters in different time periods.


Rachel Unglighter used her demonic magic to power the Ecto-1, now dubbed Ecto-10, and perform time jumps. These jumps were targeted specifically to each displaced Ghostbusters' Proton Pack, each with their own unique energy signature.

The Ecto-1 designation was used again after the Displaced Aggression event, for awhile, as evidenced by the appearance and license plate.



  1. Rachel Unglighter (2009). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression #1" (2009) (Comic p.15). Rachel says: "Under the cover of the night I snuck into the remains of your headquarters--to retool the Ecto-10 in a way that I could locate and liberate you from your respective time constraints."


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