The Ecto-15 is the primary vehicle used by the Chicago Ghostbusters.


The Chicago Ghostbusters began using Ecto-15 as late as when Ron Alexander joined the franchise. It was seen parked at the Nevermore Elementary School lot while Rookie and Ron spoke to a class.


The Ecto-15 is a stretch checkered cab modified in the standard Ghostbusters motif. Like Ecto-1a and Ecto-1b, Ecto-15 sports a dot matrix LED advertising board.


  • The Ecto-15 is based on unused concept art of a stretch checkered cab from Ghostbusters II. [1] [2]
  • The Chicago Ghostbusters' phone number, seen on the side of Ecto-15, is 655-2187.


IDW Comics


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Non CanonEdit

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