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Appeared in Ghostbusters: The Video Game

The Ecto-1b was an updated version of the Ecto-1 used in Ghostbusters: The Video Game. The vehicle looks to be a cross between the Ecto-1 and the Ecto-1a.

Super Slammer Muon TrapEdit

The Super Slammer Muon Trap is larger and faster than portable containment units, this vehicle-mounted, high-expansion, rapid-cycle trap is capable of capturing ghosts instantaneously.

Original Features Edit

Like the original Ecto-1 and Ecto-1a the new Ghostbuster Ectomobile, Ecto-1b, has the same classic siren. Also the Ghostbuster logo is the same as the original Ecto-1, however like Ecto-1a the logo is also placed on the hood of the car too and shares the phone number JL5-2020 or 555-2020. Egon Spengler added a new prototype to the roof of Ecto-1b, the Super Slammer.


As the Ghostbusters come closer to Ivo Shandor's mausoleum in the Central Park Cemetery, they utilize the Slime Tether and Ecto-1b to progress pas the closed gates. However, at the mausoleum is heavily guarded, a pair of eyes on the doorway sends a psychokinetic pulse through the Slime Tether and takes out Ecto-1b. The team is forced to abandon Ecto-1b and continue on to stop Shandor.


While the Ecto-1b is clearly named that in the PC,PS3, and Xbox 360 versions; its however referred to the Ecto-1 in the Wii version.

Also, the toy version of Ecto-1 that is found during game play is also the Ecto-1b. By moving the camera to the right angle the license plate is visible when the toy is in the Firehouse. Strangely though, the top of the toy is from an earlier Ecto-1 (obvious from the missing Super Slammer and smaller scale radioactive canisters).


  • Originally, Ecto-1 was based off references of the model from Universal Studios. Towards the end of production, Jesse Sosa spent 3-4 20 hour work days on redoing Ecto-1. There was a lot of fighting to get the Cadillac symbol and a period accurate license plate due to various legal reasons. [1]


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