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The Ecto-3 [1] a compact motorized unicycle and sidecar that slips into a secret compartment in Ecto-1's rear fender. The compartment is opened via hidden lever behind the bumper.


Once Ecto-3 is unpacked from Ecto-1, the driver mechanism must be activated much like a common garden trimmer tool, suggesting an internal combustion engine. The sidecar, interestingly enough, is not suited to comfortably seat an adult human. It appears to be made for Slimer.

Ecto-3 was used on two known occasions. Ray Stantz and Slimer used it to lure a pair of Imps from the waterfront at Pier 13 to Gaylord's Joke Shop in Queens. Ecto-3 was later piloted by Egon Spengler and Peter Venkman in order to continue the team's pursuit of Sammy K. Ferret in a traffic snarl caused by the entity. However, Ecto-3 crashed and was walked back to Ecto-1 by Egon and Peter.

Now Comics Ecto-3Edit

In Now Comics a time-distortion jet-like vehicle invented by Egon was called Ecto-3. [2] However, it was a changed to the Ecto-4, as noted by the editor. [3]


There was also an Ecto-3 vehicle released as part of the Kenner "Real Ghostbusters" toyline. However it was nothing like the cartoon version. This was a go-cart with large ghost-chatching paddles that can squeeze together to trap toy ghosts. It came with a silver running ghost.



The Real Ghostbusters


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