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Ecto-Cooler was an Orange-tangerine flavored drink color changed to green by Hi C. It featured an image of Slimer from The Real Ghostbusters, however it was somewhat also promoted as a Ghostbusters II product. The drink did surprisingly well in some markets and continued way beyond The Real Ghostbusters run, and wasn't dicountinued till 1997. Slimer left the box sometime around 1997, but Minute Maid did not discontinue the product until 2001, at which point it was renamed Shoutin' Orange Tangergreen.[1] Slimer was replaced on the packaging by a similar-looking blob of lips.[2] The product was still noted as ecto cool on many store receipts.[2]

In 2006, Shoutin' Orange Tangergreen was renamed Crazy Citrus Cooler.[1]

In 2007, Crazy Citrus Cooler was discontinued.[1]


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  • The Ghostbusters Chicago division fan franchise came up with a recipe that is said to taste like Ecto-Cooler. Because it is a fan created recipe, the wiki does not officially endorse it.


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