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Eduardo's Place is a guest house owned by Carl Rivera but occupied by his younger brother Eduardo Rivera somewhere near the Brooklyn Bridge. [1]


In May 1997, after trapping an Evil Clown, the Extreme Ghostbusters dropped off Eduardo at his place. The other Evil Clowns had been stalking them and left an Evil Clown Toy on Eduardo's mail slot. The toy attacked him and Eduardo rejoined the team to destroy it. Several months later in September, Eduardo played host to Egon Spengler and Slimer for two days while the Firehouse was treated for termites. All of Egon's equipment put a massive strain on Eduardo's outlets. To make matters worse, Egon used the shower as a culture for his mold. Eduardo's nephew, Kevin Rivera, stumbled upon a Trap holding a Troll and released it. Kevin left the guest house without anyone knowing to recapture the Troll. Carl evicted Eduardo but took it back after the Extreme Ghostbusters liberated the Brooklyn Bridge from Trolls and saved Kevin.



Extreme Ghostbusters


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