El's Diner is a New England eatery once visited by the Ghostbusters and Slimer.


While out in New England, the Ghostbusters stopped at El's Diner to get something to eat. Ray Stantz ordered two dozen hamburgers for Slimer and delivered it to him in the parking lot. Ray managed to witness Simon Quegg, his horse and buggy, and the Dark Rider. El, the proprietor, was aware of the ghosts and informed the guys about the local legend. However, fearing retribution from the Dark Rider, he forced the Ghostbusters to leave and closed for the night.


  • On page four of Ghostbusters Issue #6, El's Diner makes a non-canon cameo in Manhattan.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, in panel 4, below the 'we have our packs...' bubble is El's Diner on the left side.


The Real Ghostbusters



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Secondary CanonEdit

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