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Specifics: In play

Electrokinetic Absorption Event is in Stylized versions of the video game.

According to Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Category: None
  • Abilities: None

Tobin's SummaryEdit

Some ghosts have been known to develop the ability to absorb different forms of energy. One such phenomenon is electrokinesis, the ability to drain electrical charge. Any electrical storage device they come into contact with will be rendered useless.

Egon's Notes:Edit

The only way to return charge to a device in that state would be to bring it into contact with the electrokinetic manifestation that drained it in the first place.

Ray's Tips:Edit

Ghosts love to mess with power supplies: they know how fearful humans become when in the dark. If a battery gets pulled out of a generator and it still has power, just wrangle it back in using the Capture Stream. But if the ghost took the battery's juice, too, you'll have to find him and wrangle the battery through him first, to steal the charge back.

Supplemental DataEdit

The art page can be found in Times Square, during the "One S'More Time" section. It is hidden in an object just to the right of the entrance to the elevator room.

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