Ellen Gold is the ghost of an insane orphanage headmistress in Queens, New York.


Ellen Gold came from a highly respected family. In order to keep their reputation intact, the family kept Ellen's mother and father's extreme dementia a secret. Gold started her position as the headmistress of Wander Hills Orphanage in 1877. In 1898, Gold was arrested for the death of two malnourished children. Dr. Obed Winters performed a psychological evaluation and determined Gold suffered from an advanced form of dementia. Winters advised she resign as headmistress. However, her younger brother Martin, a prominent New York politician, paid for her bail and had all records of her dementia destroyed.

In 1920, during a severe lightning storm, Gold locked all the children of Wander Hills in their rooms. Even after a burning tree crashed into the building, Gold did not release the children. Gold's body was found in the ruins with the keys to the bunk rooms on a chain around her neck. Gold's ghost soon manifested in 1922. She appeared in the attic of a house built on the orphanage grounds right before the house caught fire. Further sightings were recorded in 1963, 1973, 1984, and 1989.

In the 1990s, Ellen Gold appeared again. The Sunderland family hired the Ghostbusters. Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler found her inside the kitchen and opened fire. Due to the P.K.E. augmentation from the reformation of Gozer, Gold had the power to break free from the Proton Stream. Luckily, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore appeared from the second floor and helped confine her. Ray threw out the Trap and captured her. The Sunderland's reported no further sightings of Wander Hills after the bust.

Ellen Gold was released from the Containment Unit when Ray and Egon manually vented it after the former was possessed by Tiamat and punched it. Gold attempted to manifest Wander Hills but since she was no longer at the original home in Queens, she had great difficulty. [1] The Ghostbusters set out to recapture her but all of a sudden, the Crybaby Ghost emerged from her mouth. While she was distracted, the guys made their move. Peter wrangled Gold while Ray got the Crybaby Ghost. After disappearing, Egon returned with a Trap and captured the entities. The Firehouse basement returned to normal.


Ellen Gold doesn't like naughty people.


According to File No. #F389, Ellen Gold is a Class 6 Full Torso Remnant Manifestation.


According to File No. #F389, Ellen Gold is a Focused non-terminal temporal repeater with low level characteristics indicative of those found in dominant commanding spirit entities.


Ellen Gold has a PKR frequency of 4.47 GW and an eV count of 628.4-689.7 EeV (628 400 000 000 TeV).


Ellen Gold has the abilities of physical transmogrification, control and command the wills of the ghosts of the orphanage children, and possibly pyrokinesis. In other words, she can manifest an ethereal facsimile of her previous human appearance and appears to tether her children by manipulating fear induced psychokinetic frequencies. Gold also had the power to manipulate latent P.K.E. where the orphanage once stood and generate a psychic reconstruction of the orphanage interior.


  • According to Erik Burnham, Ellen Gold was not in his original plan for the comic. She "popped into mind" while he ate a taco at a fast food restaurant.
  • In his initial design, Tristan Jones drew Ellen Gold as a grotesque mix of Dolores Umbridge from "Harry Potter" and Nunzio Scoleri with all the burn scars from the Wander Hills fire. However, he felt it risked being similar to the Library ghost.
  • Dan Schoening researched turn of the century school principals and caregivers while designing Ellen Gold, reflected in her period clothing.
  • On the Convention Cover of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #1, Ellen Gold makes a cameo above the Grundel.



  1. Egon Spengler (2014). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #20" (2014) (Comic p.10). Egon says: "The ghost is trying to manifest a familiar set of surroundings but we're miles from the source of the original haunting. It's having difficulty."



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