Episode 1: オバケ説得します (Translated "Episode 1: Ghost will convince") is the first episode in the Ghost Negotiator Tenma (Tenma-san ga Yuku 天魔さんがゆく) series, which is a Unrelated Ghostbusters series that aired in Japan on TBS. The series also uses equipment that looks a lot like the movie canon, though abilities may be slightly different.


Character name translated with original Japanese name follow by the same for the Actor that played the part.

  • Hokai Tenma 法界天魔 (Domoto Tsuyoshi 堂本 剛)
  • Okazaki Asahi 岡崎 旭 (Kawaguchi Haruna川口春奈)
  • Daikaku Keizo 大覚慶三 (Minagawa monkey time皆川猿時)
  • Hokai Tendo 法界天童 (Sato Jiro 佐藤二朗)

With Guests

  • Ochimusha 落ち武者 (Murotsuyoshi ムロツヨシ)
  • Kaori Komiya fire 小宮香織 (Ueno summer 上野なつひ)


Translated and copied from the Official Website.

Hokai Tenma (Domoto Tsuyoshi) owner of the ability to take the contact and ancestral ghosts. The hereditary, I have management company undertaking the ghost getting rid of "limited company Ghost security guard" aka "Obake".

One day, a new employee to Obake Okazaki Asahi (Kawaguchi Haruna) came. Asahi joined it convinced the game companies, employees and the clerk rated Daikaku Keizo (Minagawa monkey at the time) stunned heard about the business content from. But Hikitsure two people with no respect, Tenma heads to junior high school that we have requested.

Teacher of client Kaori Komiya (Ueno summer Monument) According to the, school management employee that was attached to the sword ghost of Ochimusha. Tenma who start looking Ochimusha immediately. Asahi is not how afraid, but I keep up with the Tenma to proceed reliably. But, the moment you encounter a woman of eerie appearance, Tenma fainted on the spot! Actually Tenma 's was scared more than others.

Tenma is deceased father in heaven if you faint Tendo (Jiro Sato) have the ability to meet that. Regained consciousness, Tenma I heard a hint of ghost extermination from Tendo, finally (Murotsuyoshi) ghost of Ochimusha but he faces the ....


  • The Yellow character that Okazaki Asahi discovers in the bathroom stall is Funassyi (ふなっしー) symbol character.
  • After the credits the characters Hokai Tenma and his father Hokai Tendo in heaven talk about the first episode they just watched.
    • They note that the characters in the intro (Mukunoki Rika and Ashikaga real Inspector) don't appear in the episode.
    • Tendo speaks of Michael Jackson which Tenma notes that Tendo was humming a Janet Jackson song, not Michael Jackson song.



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