Episode 3-1: 素敵な成仏の方法 (Translated "Episode 3-1: How nice of Buddhahood") is the third episode in the Ghost Negotiator Tenma (Tenma-san ga Yuku 天魔さんがゆく) series, which is a Unrelated Ghostbusters series that aired in Japan on TBS. The series also uses equipment that looks a lot like the movie canon, though abilities may be slightly different.


Character name translated with original Japanese name follow by the same for the Actor that played the part.

  • Hokai Tenma 法界天魔 (Domoto Tsuyoshi 堂本 剛)
  • Okazaki Asahi 岡崎 旭 (Kawaguchi Haruna川口春奈)
  • Daikaku Keizo 大覚慶三 (Minagawa monkey time皆川猿時)
  • Mukunoki Rika 椋木リカ (Seri Na 芹那)
  • Heizo large thickness Constable 大平三太 巡査 (Kamakura Taro 鎌倉太郎)
  • Ashikaga real Inspector 足利 実 警部 (Morisaki Hiroyuki 森崎博之)
  • Hokai Tendo 法界天童 (Sato Jiro 佐藤二朗)

With Guests

  • Versailles Mejiro ベルサイユ目白 (Ryo Iwamatsu 岩松 了)
  • Clerk 番頭 (Masayuki Suzuki 鈴木正幸)
  • Proprietress 女将 (Ogura adzuki bean 小椋あずき)


Translated and copied from the Official Website.

Fujie Reina (principal role) The video camera planted in the room, unnatural phenomenon was reflected certainly. But the figure of ghost supposed to be there, why Tenma (Domoto Tsuyoshi) is not visible to. In order to verify again, Tenma a substitute for Reina Asahi (Kawaguchi Haruna) determined to leave the room. Place yourself Asahi reluctant to mount a camera in the room again. On the other hand, it's Lena took refuge in the office of Obake, but fear approached again to the body ....

And after a while to resolve the request of Reina. Asahi Ru Gonesse want to go to comfort travel, Daikaku (Minagawa monkey at the time) of the Metropolitan Police Department and why Ashikaga Inspector (Morisaki Hiroyuki) rides, The party decided to relax after daily in the hot spring. It is Tenma who relax completely in yukata, but there was a sighting of a ghost by guests to ryokan its history.




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Episode 2: 依頼人はAKB Air Date Episode 3-2: 笑う温泉霊の謎

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