Eshmahkie is a spirit from the Ghostbusters RPG's Tobin's Spirit Guide (RPG).

Tobin's SummaryEdit

Charles Caleb Colton, nearly a century ago, wrote that "Imitation is the sincerest flattery'" From that remark alone, we may infer two things about Mr. Colton: one, that he had never been to Russia; and two, that he had never been visited by an Eshmahkie. The Eshmahkie imitates, but certainly does not flatter. It annoys, it embarrasses, it torments. Earliest reports of this spirit entity come mostly from Russian lore-which is not surprising in light of the character of those people. They do not laugh often; they certainly do not laugh at themselves. This makes the Russian an ideal target for an Eshmahkie. The spirit manifests itself as a caricature of its victim, exaggerating some physical or behavioral aspect. If that aspect had not been a source of shame to the person before, it will be forever afterward.

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