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Ester Salguero is an illustrator and colorist based in Seville, Spain. [1]


Ester Salguero has a degree in Fine Arts and completed training with courses about creation of comics, design of characters and scenarios, 3D animation, script and narrative.


In 2009, Salguero received the Third Prize in the II Comic Contest Madinat Al-Zahra with the comic "Tourism to the Past" and the Best Screenplay Award in the VII National Short Film Competition Ciudad de Dos Hermanas for "Blanca's gift".

In 2012, Salguero was awarded with an Accésit in the Niggle Awards 2012 with the illustration "The Transformation of Elwing", organized by the Spanish Tolkien Society, and since then she became a regular contributor to the magazine "Estel" of the Spanish Tolkien Society.

In 2013, Salguero's design "Maneki Guitar" was chosen as the official t-shirt in Mangafest 2013 .

Other WorksEdit

In 2011, she had her first gig on "El pintor de estrellas" by Norba Editorial, publication which was distributed among the children of 1st and 2nd ESO in Andalusia. She also participated in several charitable publications as "Comic21. Viñetas sobre el síndrome down" and "Ilusionaria II". She has worked for IDW Publishing, Angry Viking Press and Evil Jester Comics.

Salguero also co-founded the creative studio "Korat Studio" which specializes in graphic design.

Related to GhostbustersEdit

She has done color in the comic book interiors:

She has done color in the comic book covers:

External LinksEdit


  1. Ester Salguero bio on korat studio

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