The Evil Weevil [1] is a ghost that appears as a huge weevil bug.


Two men were digging a grave at the Boneville Cemetery in the suburbs of New York City when an Evil Weevil manifested and attacked them. Ray Stantz went solo to investigate a call. Ray was skeptical at first but once he saw the ghost, he issued a warning to vacate this physical plane. The Evil Weevil took a swipe at Ray instead of complying. Ray zapped and trapped the Evil Weevil.


Marvel Comics Ltd- The Real Ghostbusters Series


  1. Ray Stantz (1989). Marvel Comics Ltd- The Real Ghostbusters Series- "The Real Ghostbusters 64" (1989) (Comic p.7). Ray says: "I can't see any... Uh-oh! It's an Evil Weevil!"


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