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Extreme Ghostbusters: Creativity Centre was released in 2001 by Light and Shadow Productions for the PC exclusively in Europe.

The game is actually a software "suite" consisting of three sections:

  • Printing
    • Visiting Cards
    • Door Signs
    • Greeting Cards
    • Masks
    • Happy Families
    • Notepaper
    • Photo Frames
    • Envelopes
    • Calendars
    • Model Figures
    • Stickers
    • Bracelets
    • School Stickers
  • Creativity
    • Paint Workshop - paint on a virtual canvas.
    • Paranormal Phenomenon 101 - create your own video game.
    • Slimer - click on Slimer's glowing teeth in the same pattern as shown - ala the pattern memorization game Simon.
    • Rev-Up The Blasters - music mixing desk.
  • Games
    • Ghost Hunt - a Snake clone, guide Eduardo around the screen zapping the ghosts without treading over your own trail or hitting the sides of the play area.
    • Fantomania - shooting game.
    • Ecto-1 - car driving game.
    • Meli-Melo - a remember-the-cards game ala Memory.
    • Connect The Dots - as the name implies.

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