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The Deluxe Extreme Ghostbusters figures were part of the Trendmasters Extreme Ghostbusters Toy Line. They were figures of the Ghostbusters with large suped-up weapons.

Kylie GriffinEdit

Kylie Griffin's Deluxe Figure came with a weapon that was pretty much a large ghost trap with a proton gun attached. It may have been an attempt to emulate how on the show Kylie carried the trap on her back and used a smaller proton gun.

Roland JacksonEdit

Roland Jackson's Deluxe figure came with a Ghost Vacuum(referred to as a Ghost Containment Unit on the packaging). For some reason, the Ghost Vacuum is colored blue instead of green.

Egon SpenglerEdit

Egon Spengler's Deluxe figure wore a blue jumpsuit and came with the Field Projector.

Eduardo RiveraEdit

Eduardo Rivera's Deluxe figure came with a rather large and bulky Proton Pack.


Kylie's deluxe trap served as the visual inspiration for the Megatrap first seen in Ghostbusters Issue #3.

Garrett Miller is currently the only Extreme Ghostbuster who never had a publicly released action figure, though a prototype was made.

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