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The Intro of the Extreme Ghostbusters was shown after a brief teaser sequence of the episode. While it is not really canon to the series itself, it does have a bit of a plot.


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Ghosts were shown coming from the subway station at 21st Street. Ghost then were shown flying in the air suggesting they are leaving and forming in the streets a large mass. The Ghostbusters then leave the Firehouse in the Ecto-1 speeding to the scene. They are then shown driving across a bridge before gearing up. They came up one at a time firing and Kylie then throws the Ghost Trap and catching the large mass of paranormal entities. They stand together at the end. Slimer flies in as Eduardo pops out his Particle Thrower's Proton Cannister.


  • This appears to be somewhat tied into the conclusion to the second episode when the ghosts where escaping the subway.
  • The mass of ghosts seems a lot like the mass in RGB episode "Robo-Buster".
  • Many of the ghosts shown in the intro also appear in episodes too.
  • Both Samhain and Ghash from Real Ghostbusters appear in the intro.
  • Kylie is shown preparing her gun, but she doesn't actually fire it in the intro.
  • When Extreme Ghostbusters aired on Disney, they cut down the show to fit the broadcasting format. They removed the flashing of the letters spelling Ghostbusters after the Firehouse no-ghost logo was shown.
  • On page 9 of Ghostbusters Annual 2018, on the bottom of right page is Samhain from the Extreme Ghostbusters Intro.

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