Extreme Ghostbusters Official Website was a site Sony had up on Extreme Ghostbusters when the show was airing.

It included Profiles, Ecto-Containment Unit (Something of a weekly ghost recap), Ghostbusting Gizmos, Spengler's Spirit Guide, The Firehouse (Interactive Tour of Firehouse), and Containment Unit Catastrophe (Adobe Shockwave game).

Website AnalyzeEdit

The Extreme Ghostbusters website was an interactive site that would be updated with the airing of the episodes back in 1997.

Containment Unit CatastropheEdit

This was a simple game that had Kylie blast and catch ghosts while rescuing citizens. The game had no ending or level hierarchy.

The FirehouseEdit

This section presented eight areas of the building. As part of design of the tour, ghosts appear in areas of the building when the area is clicked that they hide in. Also portals to other parts of the tour building and to other sections of the website are in the interactive tour.

Sections of the Tour:

  • Basement (study area)
  • Basement (Containment Unit Area)
  • Garage Bay
  • Janine's Desk
  • Rec Room
  • Kitchen
  • Egon's Lab
    • Research and Analyzing Table
  • Third Floor Bathroom

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Members Profiles SectionEdit

Ecto-Containment Unit SectionEdit

Ghostbusting Gizmo SectionEdit

Spengler's Spirit Guide SectionEdit

The Firehouse (Interactive Tour of Firehouse)Edit

Containment Unit Catastrophe (Adobe Shockwave game)Edit

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