Fantastic Land is an amusement park chain with its newest location opening just outside of Schenectady, New York.


Just after the grand opening in Schenectady, a powerful entity manifested and possessed one of the patrons, a boy named Scotty. It created several lesser spiritual constructs resembling bats. Most of the visitors and employees were evacuated. Rampant speculation fueled the police to treat the event as a bomb scare. The entity soon erected an impenetrable green force field around the park and began to transmogrify it completely. When the force field started talking, the Governor personally requested the Ghostbusters to investigate. Egon Spengler punched a hole through the field with a Proton Grenade and the guys entered. However, the field sealed up again and they were trapped inside.

The Ghostbusters split up in pairs and attempted to get a fix on the location of the Manitou. Egon fiddled with is Giga meter and tracked the Manitou to the northwest corner of the park. The guys reunited and confronted the entity. While tending to the hostages, it became apparent Peter was now possessed by the Manitou. Once the hostages were escorted outside the park, the other Ghostbusters attempted to save Peter and trap the Manitou. Peter managed to outsmart the entity and force it to vacate his body. Once trapped, Fantastic Land was released from its hold.



IDW Comics


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