Favish Shoes is a shoe store located in Morrisville owned and operated by Alan Favish.


During a Winged Puma Parade, Alan Favish held a sale while secretly plotting to smear the reputation of Ray Stantz. He kept a copy of Magic Spells on a top shelf in the stock room. When the plan came to fruition, to add insult to injury, Favish offered Ray a job at Favish Shoes. Ray accepted and was forced to wear a rabbit costume. While getting a pair of shoes for a customer, Ray and Elaine Phermon discovered the spell book and rushed off to warn the other Ghostbusters. Favish attempted to stop the Winged Puma but it destroyed the spell book then stomped Favish Shoes into rubble. Favish began rebuilding the store but was skeptical the insurance company would reimburse him.

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Former EmployeesEdit



The Real Ghostbusters



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Secondary CanonEdit

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