The Ferocious Fondue Casserole [1] is an old family recipe in the Stantz family.


One night, when Ray Stantz had dinner duties, he cooked a pot of Ferocious Fondue Casserole for everyone. The other Ghostbusters were disgusted by the casserole but luckily, Slimer was enamored with it. Ray fended him off and poured some into everyone's bowls. Once he sat down, Slimer grabbed Ray's napkin. While Ray looked under the dinner table, Slimer ate Ray's portion. The others happily poured theirs into Slimer's open mouth. Slimer gave Ray his napkin back. He stood up and was amazed everyone was finished already. He offered seconds. Fortunately, Janine Melnitz alerted them about a call from the Mayor.



The Real Ghostbusters


  1. Ray Stantz (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "Killerwatt" (1986) (DVD ts. 02:14-02:19). Time Life Entertainment. Ray says: "I call it my Ferocious Fondue Casserole. It's from an old family recipe."


Secondary CanonEdit

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