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The Firehouse is the headquarters of the Ghostbusters in the Stylized Portable version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.



  • First Floor
    • Garage
    • Secretary Desk
    • Peter's Office
  • Second Floor
    • Egon's Lab
    • Dining Area
    • Recreation area
    • Equipment Production

Gameplay optionsEdit

This section covers various upgrades and changes that can be done in the Firehouse.

Peter's SectionEdit

  • Mission List
  • Game Menu
    • Save
    • Quit Game
  • Diary
  • Office

Egon's SectionEdit

Winston's SectionEdit

  • Repair
  • Free Drive
  • Trunk

Ray's SectionEdit

  • Production
    • Weapons
    • Defense
    • Gadgets
  • Next Day
  • Tobin's Guide (unlocked under Ray's Special Abilities)



  • This is the only version of the three games to not have a basement that is walk able.
  • Areas of the firehouse are suggested to be maintained by members: Winston-Garage, Peter-His Office, Egon-Equipment Research Lab, and Ray-Production of Equipment.




First FloorEdit

Second FloorEdit

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