The Firehouse is the headquarters of the Ghostbusters in the Stylized version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.



  • Below
    • Basement
  • First Floor
    • Garage
    • Secretary Desk
    • Staircase Landing (Leads upstairs to Second Floor)
    • Peter's Office
    • Backroom (Stairs from that room lead to Basement)
  • Second Floor
    • Egon's Lab
    • Recreation area
    • Staircase Landing (Leads downstairs to First Floor)


Canon IssuesEdit

It directly conflicts with the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) take on the firehouse. Following that, IDW's canon mostly follows the canon from the two films and the realistic version of the game.


  • The basement features the Containment Unit based on the first film. Most media adapted the Real Ghostbusters looking Containment Unit following the logic that Egon notes containment unit is getting crowded.
  • There are three mini rooms (Staircase Landings) in this version, which is quite unique design.
  • Vigo is in the basement in this version unlike the Realistic version of the game that had him on the first floor.
  • Peter's Office desk has the set of shocks for experiments like at the beginning of Ghostbusters the film.
  • In Ghostbusters International #8, there are numerous references to the Stylized Version
    • On page 1, in panel 5, the third floor of the Firehouse resembles the layout of the second floor seen in the game.
    • On page 1, in panel 5, there is the console with six monitors, a panel above the console, the shelving, a table with various gear on it like the Stylized version of the Boson Dart attachment, the 4 column mustard drawer set and various objects atop it from the second floor in the game
    • On page 2, in panel 1, the cork board with the map of New York City, the TV with the loading screen of the game, and the Ghost Capture arcade from the second floor in the game appear.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, like in Ghostbusters International #8, the third floor is visually based on the second floor in the Stylized Versions and bears many references.
    • The loading screen on the TV
    • On the table on the left are some Stylized Versions of equipment: A Trap, Paragoggles, a Proton Pack with the Boson Dart attachment, Slime Mine, and a Slime Blower.
    • On the table on the right are a Stasis Stream, Particle Thrower, and P.K.E. Meter.
    • Aiming reticule on the floor
    • Interact logo prompt on the floor
    • Map on the brown board
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters: Funko Universe, the Ghostbusters investigate in the second floor of the Firehouse from the Stylized Versions - evidenced by the computer monitor and yellow file.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #1:
    • On Page 18, in panel 1, on the table are equipment from stylized versions: a Slime Mine, Proton Pack with Boson Dart, and a Stasis Stream. Egon appears to be holding the Shock Blast as well. In panel 3, to the right of Egon is a still, from stylized versions, of Ray with the Aura Video Analyzer colander on in the cinematic after the player finds the team on the second floor at the beginning of gameplay.
    • On Page 19, in panel 4, also seen on the table are more equipment from stylized versions: Paragoggles, a Trap, and a P.K.E. Meter
    • On Page 20, in panel 1, Egon works at the console from stylized versions. In panel 4, on the right, the arcade is Ghost Capture from the second floor.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2:
    • On Page 4, once gain on the table is the Proton Pack with Boson Dart, P.K.E. Meter, Slime Mine, and Trap.
    • On Page 18, the arcade is Ghost Capture.






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