Francis Frum is a ghostly critic of Broadway theater.


Francis Frum, in life, was a theater critic who loved theater and defended it rigorously as a national institution. He didn't take too well with a new producer named Blintzy Jones. Frum hated Jones' over the top big-budget musicals and gave him terrible reviews. All the while, Frum was frustrated writer at heart. After his death, Frum manifested as a ghost and haunted Jones' theater production rehearsals of "Runaway Romance" because the show emphasized gaudy special effects over good performances. Frum accumulated enough rage to generate tremendous amounts of P.K.E. and generated giant entities like the Haunted F-14 and Animated Curtains. Whenever Frum manifested, a burning smell was observed.

When the Ghostbusters intervened, Frum continued to attack the play. Two weeks later, Frum appeared to Peter Venkman, the new director, in the restroom of Hex's Deli and fried him. Peter agreed to make some minor changes. Frum approved of the cuts and asked for another 20 minutes to be trimmed. He then left to return to the Other Side to watch Shakespeare's ghost's latest play, "Henry XXXII" even though he dismissed it just another sequel. During casting for a new male lead, Frum kept on rejecting and literally throwing out actors who came to try out. Egon Spengler came up with an idea to open up to the dead. They hired ghost actor Monty Biggins to star in the show. He liked the production and formed a partnership with the Mr. Jones. Frum would get proper credit for his scripts and Jones would keep all the profits made from the plays he produced.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 1


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