Frank Fitzgivens [1] [2] (also known as Frankie) [3] is a postal worker who was used by Morpheus to cross over into the physical plane.


After a routine day at work, Frankie returned home to his wife Irma Fitzgivens and went to bed listening to the Barry Sherman radio show. However, Barry was possessed by Morpheus at the time. Frankie had a nightmare about work where he was overwhelmed by an endless surge of mail and his manager. Frankie was buried in mail then attacked by one of the Dream Creatures. He thrashed around and woke up his wife by accident. Frankie was covered in lesions and was taken to Memorial Hospital. The Extreme Ghostbusters were called in but got no residual P.K.E. readings off of him. The attending physician concluded Frankie had a nocturnal seizure.


  • In the script's cast list, Frank Fitzgivens was described as a "burned out postal worker in his 50s." [4]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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