The Fuggs are an alien species that were the focus of the Ghostbusters RPG's Hot Rods of the Gods.

RPG SummaryEdit

"Natives of Arcturus, a star-system with a hyper-advanced society, the Fuggs are a product of way too much utopia. They rebel against their perfect, immortal lives by messing up the lives of other races. They are not evil; they're just a little misguided. Kinda like Hell's Angels.

They are humanoid, but very skinny and gangly. They have four arms and green skin. They have two eyes protruding from retractable foot-long eyestalks that grow out of their heads. They have long, greasy hair shaped into enormous duckbills and pompadours.

The male Fuggs wear tight, high-tech jeans and leather jackets. The female Fuggs wear poodle skirts, ponytails, bobby socks and saddle shoes.

The alien's mindset is, well, alien. Their moods are mysterious, and change with little provocation. They get real chummy with a Ghostbuster, and suddenly turn vicious for no apparent reason. Likewise, if a Ghostbuster says something smart when tempers are flaring, the Fuggs suddenly relax, and say admiringly, "Hey, dat's cool." They are unbelievably capricious.

Arcturan technology has made death a thing of the past. When a Fugg's body is destroyed, his or her hot rod (or a friend's) regrows the body from what passes for Fugg DNA. Stored brain patterns are then written onto the clone, and life goes on. Most Fuggs enjoy dying in interesting fashions.

It is very easy to trick a Fugg into selfdestructing: Just show him a fun new way to die. While this may solve the immediate problem, the deceased Fugg will probably show up later, looking for some new kick."

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