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"You'll never find them... unless you join them..."

- Gareth Dibello; Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2

Gareth Dibello [1] is an infamous murderer who wore a mask and used a knife to kill his victims.


Gareth Dibello kidnapped and killed 12 people from Central Park. He hid the bodies and relished in the fact they would never be found. At some point, the victims were all recovered and put to rest. [2] Dibello was added to the case studies at the FBI Academy in Quantico. Special Agent Melanie Ortiz studied the case and saw pictures of what he did. She was very disturbed by his methods. [3] [4]

15 years later, [5] Dibello's ghost manifested in Central Park near the the South Gate House at the edge of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. A male jogger heard Dibello's whispers and investigated near some bushes. When Dibello revealed himself, the jogger managed to get away and took off for the Firehouse. He interrupted a photo shoot for the New Ghostbusters and informed them of the 'crazy ghost with a knife' loose in the park.

After searching through brush for an hour or so, the team followed the screams of a female jogger who was grabbed by Dibello. Ron Alexander disregarded the safety of the victim and fired on Dibello but missed. Dibello dropped the woman and disappeared. While Ortiz slugged Ron, Janine Melnitz radioed the park medical unit to tend to the woman. Kylie Griffin picked up Dibello on the Giga meter 150 meters away. They engaged Dibello on Bridge #24 but were unable to wrangle him. Ortiz got his attention by informing him all 12 of his victims were found. Dibello's mask shattered and he flew at Ortiz in a rage. Ortiz barely held him back in a Proton Stream while Kylie trapped him.


Gareth Dibello delights in taunting people about how they will never find his victims. Any contradictions thoroughly angers him.


Gareth Dibello's ghost is blood red in color. He wears his infamous white mask and wields his knife.



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