The Garment District [1] is less than one square mile in area but the neighborhood is home to the majority of New York's showrooms and fashion labels. It is the largest concentration of all aspects of the fashion process – from design and production to wholesale selling. It is in Manhattan between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue, from 34th to 42nd Street.


Primary CanonEdit

The Ghostbusters and Egon's Uncle Cyrus went to the Garment District on a call. However, it seemed to be just a 50% off sale gone crazy. Soon enough, several ghosts manifested. In the chaos, Cyrus lost his glasses and saw no ghosts. Some time later, the Ghostbusters were called back to deal with a legion of demons, who were in search of the Shears of Fate.

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

During the Proteus incident, a ghost named Natasha manifested near some clothing stores. A civilian named Claudia recognized the ghost as her deceased friend. Natasha blamed her and sought retribution but the Ghostbusters happened to be passing by and trapped her free of charge despite Peter Venkman's objections. They drove past the Rockefeller Plaza on the way to Gracie Mansion but were attacked by Proteus, who possessed the Atlas statue.


Primary CanonEdit

The Real Ghostbusters

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW Comics


  1. Janine Melnitz (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "Cry Uncle" (1987) (DVD ts. 07:26-07:28). Time Life Entertainment. Janine says: "The Garment District! They need you right away!"



Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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