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Back of the Slimer Halloween Greeter tag that shows the Gemmy logo.

Gemmy for the 2016 Halloween season introduced a line of Ghostbusters decorations.

Lists of ItemsEdit

  • Stay Puft Airblown Inflatable 3.5 FT (Pumpkin Tote)
    • Sold at: At Home, Home
  • Stay Puft Airblown Inflatable 5 FT (Holding Pumpkin)
    • Sold at: Walmart,
  • Stay Puft Airblown Inflatable 13 FT (No Pumpkin)
    • Sold at: Lowe's
  • Slimer Airblown Inflatable 3.5 FT (On Pumpkin)
    • Sold at: At Home, Home,
  • Slimer Airblown Inflatable 5 FT (On Tombstone)
    • Sold at: Walmart,, Walmart Canada
  • Slimer Halloween Greeter
    • Sold at: Walmart, Walmart Canada


  • The Slimer Halloween Greeter is based on Underground Toy's 2016 Slimer plush toy.

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