The George Washington Bridge Bus Station is a major commuter bus terminal located at the eastern end of the George Washington Bridge in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan. The bus station is owned and operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The station is easily recognized by its architecture, designed by Italian engineer, Pier Luigi Nervi.


Peter Venkman sends off his father to Iowa after paying bail after the events of the Hob Anagarak incident. However, Jim instead gets on a bus going to Hollywood. The Ghostbusters and police left the bus station none the wiser.

The Ghostbusters were dispatched by the Port Authority to deal with a Bus Driver Ghost terrorizing the station. After narrowly escaping a collision with a bus, the Ghostbusters pursued the ghost into the station. They followed its trail to a cafeteria, then the waiting area, then a restroom, and back outside to Gate 13. Eventually, they forced the ghost to surrender and trapped it. The Director of New York Port Authority congratulated them in person.


The Real Ghostbusters



Primary CanonEdit

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