Gertrude Aldridge is a specter that haunts Aldridge Mansion Museum. When she was alive, she murdered all of her father's servants in one night.


When she was alive, Gertrude was the eldest daughter to Sir Aldridge. On October 25, 1894, Sir Aldridge woke up and found no breakfast. He was angry at his servants, but when he found each and everyone of them, they had been murdered. Gertrude had murdered them all. To spare the family public humiliation, they locked her in the basement and feed her through a the door slot. Years later, the mansion was sold and her spirit resided in the basement.

After the mansion's tour guide had an encounter with Gertrude, Ed Mulgrave Jr., the mansion's historian, asked Erin Gilbert for help. Erin, Abby, and Holtzmann arrived to research the events that had recently happened. Ultimately, Erin made direct contact with Gertrude and introduced herself. After a moment of trying to communicate with her, Gertrude projected Ectoplasmic vomit on Erin and then flew through the wall and out into the streets.

During the battle in Times Square, she returned and took Erin in the air and released her to a tall long legged ghost. Later, her and the Electrocuted Ghost returned to cause Erin more trouble. She pulled out her Proton Grenade Launcher and shot at them both sending them flying in the sky far.


  • Gertrude was created from the idea of a character like Lizzie Borden. [1]
  • Gertrude was originally going to be an ugly old woman. [2]
  • Bess Rous wore a LED light suit and was placed in a rig that took her up and down. [3]
  • For one take, Rous unexpectedly screamed and scared Kristen Wiig and all the others. [4]



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