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The Ghost Beacon [1] (also known as Spectral Proto Capacitor), [2] emits an ultra parasonic frequency allowing the user to summon a ghost to them. [3]


Egon Spengler invented the Ghost Beacon between the end of the Ghostbusters and 1997 before the Extreme Ghostbusters was formed. During the end of the first class meeting of Paranormal Phenomena 101, Kylie Griffin took the Ghost Beacon without permission from Egon and used it to try to summon her Great Grandma Rose. Instead it brought Achira to her and she then possessed Kylie. After Egon was infected, Egon planned to use it to lure Achira to the Firehouse and trap her but he found out that Kylie took it when Janine Melnitz could not find it.



Extreme Ghostbusters


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