Ghost Figure: Pull Speed Ahead Ghost an action figure which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's line.

It was released in the American wave four with Brain Blaster Ghost, Fright Feature Janine and the Haunted Human set of Terror Trash, Granny Gross, Mail Fraud, Hard Hat Horror, Tombstone Tackle, and X-Cop.

Toy DescriptionEdit

Pull Speed Ahead Ghost

with T-Stick Ghost

Front of Card InstructionEdit

Speeds along shooting spooky sparks

Back of Card InstructionEdit

1. Insert "t-stick" through hole in top of ghost (T-stick teeth should face forward.)
2. Pull out T-Stick Ghost to activate Pull Speed Ahead Ghost.
3. Position Pull Speed Ahead on flat surface for action. Sparks shoot out his mouth. Use T-Stick Ghost to capture Action Figure.

Booklet DescriptionEdit

Description from Action Toy Guide
Pull T-Stick Ghost through Pull Speed Ahead and he races along shooting spooky sparks from his mouth.

Variation InformationEdit

  • American Line: There are two pressings done for the toy. One pressing has the number "3329-012-00" and on the proof of purchase it refers to it as "Haunted Humans". The second pressing the front is missing the "Figure" term. Also it's number on the back is "3329-012-01" and on the proof of purchase it refers to it as "Pull Speed Ahead". The Toys themselves have no noticeable differences.



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