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The Ghost Priests are a collective of ghosts of priests from various eras in time.


During a bust at the United Nations Building, the Ghostbusters were unexpectedly surrounded by a multitude of Ghost Priests in the assembly room. They did not attack the Ghostbusters nor aid the Werecat Ghost and only screamed "No!" Egon Spengler checked his P.K.E. Meter and determined they were not subservient manifestations and were wholly separate from the Werecat. After it was trapped, the Ghostbusters were about to turn their attention to the Ghost Priests but they vanished.


  • Peter Venkman refers to the clergy ghosts as the Sarducci Choir, a nod to the fictional character Father Sarducci. [1]
  • Some of the ghosts appear to based on fictional priests from horror movies
    • On page 6, panel 2, the ghost between Winston and Ray appears to be visually based on Father Brennan from "The Omen"
    • On page 6, panel 3 the ghost in the middle appears to be visually based on Kane from "Poltergeist 2"
    • On page 8, panel 4 two of the ghosts appear to be visually based on Donald Pleasance as the priest from "Prince of Darkness" and Father Damien Karras from "The Exorcist"


IDW Comics


  1. Peter Venkman (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #1" (2016) (Comic p.8). Peter says: "And someone tell the Sarducci Choir to can it, huh?"
  2. What Came Before! (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #4" (2016) (Comic What Came Before!). Line reads: "Peter, Winston, and Ray were dropped off on Poveglia Island, where they tracked down a Plague Doctor apparition, who, like the Venetian Shop Ghost in Ghostbusters International #2 and the Ghost Priests in Ghostbusters International #1 seemed eager to nudge the Ghostbusters away from this particular investigation."


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