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Ghostbusters: A Live Action Spooktacular often shortened to "Ghostbusters Spooktacular Show" was an attraction at Universal Studios Florida featuring the Ghostbusters. This show features the Temple of Gozer set in both versions.

Original VersionEdit

A Female Hostess introduces the audience to the set and explains Ghostbusters. However, she while explaining the twinkie she hears a noise, then lights flash and then all the sudden a Killer Jack-In-The-Box ghost appears near her. Then the temple doors open and after seeing the Three Headed Demon ghost Gozer steps out. Gozer asks the hostess if she is a god, for which she says no, and then Gozer lightening attacks. The hostess calls out for help and the Ghostbusters come in the room.




Revised VersionEdit

Louis Tully starts off the show on the Be a Ghostbuster set, showing audience members the equipment that he is trying to sell for making franchises. Walter Peck barges in and tells him the Ghostbusters are shut down. Then he pulls the lever down shutting off the Containment Unit and everything goes dark and Gozer can be heard taunting in the distance. Walter Peck not believing Louis's warning, unknowingly provokes Gozer and then the Ghostbusters come in to save the day.





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