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Ghostbusters: Hikari Sofubi Japanese Vinyl's Set are of Vinyl Figure set that were released by Vinyl Sugar (aka: Funko) in late 2014. The line was made based on the first movie. All are of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

List of ToysEdit

  • Stay Puft (limited to 1500 produced)
  • Stay Puft Burnt (limited to 1500 produced)
  • Retro Pastels Stay Puft (limited to 500 produced)
  • Ice Stay Puft (limited to 1500 produced)
  • Pink Glitter Stay Puft (limited to 1000 produced)


  • "Hikari", means 'light' in Japanese. "Sofubi" is Japanese for 'soft vinyl'.
  • This line was made at a high quality and a limited quantity. The price tag usually runs for around $75 for one.
  • The toys are hand painted and come with a card that gives the production number for that toy.

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