In Chapter 01 of Ghostbusters: The Return (novel), the story starts out with the Ghostbusters, which arrive at concert that is being haunted by ghosts. However, the Ghostbusters were not even raise a finger as they remember the last few jobs for the city didn't exactly pay well. Now Mayor Lapinski has to either sign a contract with the boys or they leave the concert.





  • Mayor Arnold Lapinski name drops former mayor Fiorello La Guardia that was also noted to have haunted former mayor Lenny Clotch in Ghostbusters II.
  • Venkman revisited the issue of City Hall not paying for previous busts in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.
  • Mayor Arnold Lapinski previous Ghostbusters history:
    • "You guys blew the top three floors off a skyscraper once!" Referring to 55 Central Park West
    • "You trashed the grand ballroom at the Plaza!" The bust of Slimer at Sedgewick Hotel.
    • "That's not even counting what it took to get the Statue of Liberty back into the harbor after you left it in the middle of East 89th Street!" Leaving Liberty on East 89th Street
  • Egon briefly thinks to himself about the events of crossing the streams to defeat Gozer. Notes it is still pretty risky to cross the streams so he thought to better not chance it.
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