In Chapter 03 of Ghostbusters: The Return (novel), it begins off with a young couple at the waterfront that have a confrontation with a maniac with a hook. Meanwhile, Ray gets up and greets fellow Ghostbusters in the firehouse. Egon's research thus far on Xanthador has yielded nothing. Peter comes in the firehouse in a rather grumpy mood as he didn't get much sleep the previous night. The Ghostbusters then get a call.

A little earlier at a school kids were playing baseball when the ball ended up rolling in a storm drain. Jed tries to get it out, but instead a spectral alligator emerges. within the same time more spectral alligators appear.




  • Waterfront Parking area (on New York shore of Hudson River)
  • Firehouse
  • Schoolyard and nearby street


  • Danny Reitman is most likely named based on actor Dan Aykroyd (often refered to as Danny) and director Ivan Reitman.
  • After the Ghostbusters company had a third bankruptcy, Ray lost his house and had to set up living space in the second floor of the firehouse.
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