In Chapter 04 of Ghostbusters: The Return (novel), the Ghostbusters take on the Spectral Alligators, first outside in schoolyard. After Winston leads the swarm of the alligators in a trap, the Ghostbusters head on in to the school building to caught the stray ones. They end battling four in the boys bathroom.

Back at the firehouse, Janine gives them the messages that had collected up while they were out. After that, Peter tries to get up the stairs to get a shower, but gets interrupted first by Louis wanting to to Janine out to lunch, he asked for five minutes to clean up. The second person that ultimately stopped him was Gary Milken. Gary then informed him that he and his associates represent the New York State Independent Party. He then assumed they wanted him to vote for them. But then Gary informed him that they had chosen him for the Mayors race if he'd accept. Peter accepted and then Gary introduced him to Sid, which has a three term background in the City affairs. They then contemplated having Winston on the ticket as deputy mayor with Peter as Peter suggested. Ultimately, the concluded that he'd be a good fit with Peter, and so Winston was welcomed a board the team too. While all this was going on, Louis and Janine watched all this happen before them. Ray and Egon then come up from the basement.




  • Schoolyard and inside the school building.
  • Firehouse


  • Winston makes a reference to 42nd Street.
  • In the kindergarten room, it is noted that a finder painting of Sta-Puft mashmallow man. The book misspells his name.
  • Egon wipes up water from the floor to dry it before putting out a trap. He notes to Ray that he did it so there be less risk of a short-circuit from the trap.
  • Louis suggest lunch at macrobiotic restaurant on Greene Street and Natalio's.
  • Janine notes that Egon is getting calls from the Psychical Research Society about getting a renewal and if he is coming to their annual dinner and seance.
  • Peter's childhood is somewhat revealed. It is said he had always avoided really working for anything even at the age of six. He had subcontracted his paper route to the neighborhood kids. It is also noted he got on the university in parapsychology because it was nebulous and he didn't have to do anything with results and was still paid.
  • Winston's background is noted to be a former Special Forces and Strategic Air Command training.
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