Ghostbusters: The Video Game Wii is the Wii version of the Ghostbusters: The Video Game. It comes in two versions as there is a standard version and a Slimer edition version which is only being offered by Amazon. Ghostbusters creator Dan Aykroyd prefers this version of the video game.[1]

Differences in GameplayEdit

Being for the Nintendo Wii, the most immediately noticeable difference in game play between this and other versions of Ghostbusters: The Video Game is the ability to use the Wii Remote to aim a cursor on the screen to control the neutrona wand. Also by making a bowling motion with the Nunchuk is how ghost traps are released. Aside from control differences, Redfly Studios has stated that in their version there will have a stronger emphasis on puzzle elements than the Terminal Reality versions.

Another difference between the Redfly Studios versions [Wii, PS2] and the Terminal Reality versions [PS3, 360, PC] is that in the Terminal Reality Versions, collateral damage will directly effect the amount of money earned on any given mission. The more damage is caused, the less money is earned which could otherwise be used to upgrade the Ghostbusters' equipment. The Redfly Studios version does keep track of the amount of collateral damage, however, the player is not accountable for paying it (Actually, it seems that indirectly encourages damaging the environment).

Next, some ghosts are replaced or added in. For example, in the Terminal Reality versions, the player gets to face ghosts based on jobs like Pappy Sargassi, and the main boss ghosts include The Chairman in the Museum, and the Imprisoned Juvenile Slor. In the Redfly versions, all the job ghosts have been removed exepect Chef Deforrest Sargossa from the Return to the Sedgewick Hotel level, who gets moved to the Sedgewick Hotel level, filling in Pappy Sargassi's role. While Imprisoned Juvenile Slor and The Chairman are replaced by Black Slime Behemoth and the T-Rex Skeleton.

Lastly The Redly Studios versions allow for two player local cooperative play throughout the main story with both the male and female iterations of the Rookie. The Terminal Reality versions instead have separate multiplayer missions which can only be played online.

Humorously, on the cover of the Redfly version of the game, Ray has TWO P.K.E. Meters. (hint look at his belt)


There are unlockables for the Wii version which change gameplay.

  • Beating the game on Gozerian (Hard) difficulty earns the player a new outfit immune from sliming.
  • Scanning 100% of the scan-able entities in-game Prevents all equipment from overheating
  • Collecting 50% of all art pages for Tobin's Spirit Guide gives the player faster Health
  • Scanning half of the scan-able entities in-game will give players faster scanning speed (great for getting the Grey Lady and some quick enemies).
  • Collecting everything and THEN beating the game gives the player invulnerability (with the game's replay value this is a good thing to have).

Exclusive ContentEdit

GameStop preorder exclusive of a Video Game T-shirt.

Slimer Edition VersionEdit

To read about about the exclusive Amazon version of the game, click here.



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